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Referat engleza Adolescence

Is there any “adolescence crisis” or not? If there is one, then it is very close connected to the social environment.
In this period there are many conflicts, either between generations (so-called “generation gap”) or between the different age groups.
But is it true that these conflicts are more numerous and more powerful than in the other periods of our lives?
And if it is, are these conflicts necessary? Is adolescence always the same?
The answers are different because there are different points of view. But, irrespective of the answer, there is something that limbs all these points of view: the teenagers of our days greatly defer how teenagers of the last centuries.

Is there something characteristic to all the people passing through this stage, or does every person have their own personality?
There is no doubt that, up to a certain age, no one and nothing could replace the elementary rubs of education received from the parents, in early childhood. This is the period of time when our personality stands to be “built”. The effects of this “process of building” can be seen in time and maybe adolescence is a more stable period when its results can be “measured”.
Personality is unique, and it makes us different than the others and helps us pass the obstacles of our lives. Some youngsters think that the ones who have a great personality can more easily overcome the problems of adolescence.

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