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English Language - Solution

He warned the children to stay away.
Although he was young, he became regarded as a leader.
There was an interesting review of the film in the paper this morning.
She looks down on us because she went to an expensive school.
I regret to tell you that the meeting has been canceled.
Barely had he walked into the house when the telephone rang.
Generally, a cake is made from eggs, milk and flour.
Iíd advise you taking more exercise.
It was the most educational experience Iíve ever had.
I wanted to meet you since I read your first book.
The sun will rise at 5.20 tomorrow.
In most countries, people donít need to boil water before they drink it.

They could not decide whether or not it was worth going to that show.
Sorry weíre late; we took the wrong turning.
She noticed him run away from the house.
I caught a glimpse of the car before it disappeared around the bend.
Heís sometimes bad-tempered but heís a good fellow at heart.
Would you please refrain from smoking while the lecture is in progress?
When they heard I was going to move to Cluj, they looked surprised.
I remembered him borrowing the book.
ĎIíve got a place at the university.í Ė ĎSo have I.í
Did you go in for the examination last year?
There are a number of people who should be asked.
Iíll do that for you, if you like.
Sheís such an irritating woman. I donít know how you can put up with her.
If Tom calls while Iím out, tell him Iíll be back directly.
As the sleeping pills had no effect, I tried thinking about waves breaking on the shore.
These shelves have been especially designed to fit into this space.

I have rephrased each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stood the same:

But for owning her a favor, I agreed to help her.
He was too pressured by being in the public eye, and that has proven too much for him.
Scarcely had he bought the car, which it broke down.
I am fed up with all this violence on TV.
Donít start solving the problems without doing the theory first.
Iíve yet to see such an extraordinary goal.
You wonít get to like your new job, but after a few weeks.
He has been reported of having being seen in London.
New computer systems began to be invested in heavily by local authorities at the beginning of the 1990ís.
Jack wouldnít of left his job unless he had a good reason.
They sent us the wrong information, so it appears.
We were suggested to try a new method of checking our current expenses.
The glass has cracked when I dropped it.
Her sudden appearance has surprised me.
I wish I could see him again, which would be great.
If he would of listen to her advice, he would work here now.
She has vague memories of being knocked down by a motorbike.

When I started, the papers were organized in front of me.
I really regret that I have been pushed into giving a speech.
Come to marry him I will, no matter what happens.
She wishes she would of gone to bed early last night.
If it hadnít been for her map of the town, Helen would have got lost.
By the time I realized what was happening, the man left with my money.
Neither the President, nor his representatives are to attend the meeting.
Provided we wonít run into heavy traffic, weíll be there at seven.
Had she assumed he was married, she wouldnít have agreed to go out to dinner with him.
Food and medical supplies are taken to the affected areas.
I was growing up in a little village on the Scottish border.
John, as well as Bob, wants to go to the concert.
Either this dress, or that dress, I can get.
She suggested we name the baby after his grandfather.
I have no intentions in discussing this matter further.
When is the last train to London going to leave?
They will celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary next Saturday.
He didnít say that; Iím absolutely sure of it.
The announcement will have been made by the President by this time tomorrow.
You should have told me you werenít coming.
Is there any way you could get here before dinner?
John will go abroad after he saves enough money.
Donít start asking questions before I finish speaking.
If we are going on holiday, it canít be before August.
The coffee was being made (by someone) when I walked into the kitchen.
Not only my mother, but my sister, too, is here.
This book must be returned to the library by Friday.
After weíll talk to the manager, weíll leave.
Iíd rather not of told him what we were up to.
She threatened that if he keeps cheating on her, she will leave him for good.
Once the breakfast was finished, the children ran for a swim in the lake.

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