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  To anti-gay organizations this is the only gay lifestyle that exists, and they do their best to promote this misconception. In reality, the lives of gays and lesbians are as varied as the lives of heterosexuals. Some choose to live in long term committed relationships, others choose to remain single.  Some couples choose to raise children, others do not.  Hobbies, occupations and activities are just as varied as within the heterosexual population. Anna Quindlen gave an interview to the "New York Times" pleading that: "those who want to prove that homosexuality is a deviant lifestyle are anxious to show that the demands are disproportionate to the number of demanders, as though the right to be fairly treated depended on a head count . "

Contrary to popular belief, gay men and lesbians are no more inclined to be consumed with sexual thoughts or feelings than their heterosexual counterparts nor are they attracted to everyone of the same sex they meet. The lives of homosexuals, like the lives of heterosexuals are about much more than sex, but it's easy to see why people believe these common misconceptions. Many people do not even realize that they know someone who is gay. Consequently, their only knowledge of homosexuality comes from the media or out-spoken anti-gay organizations, neither of which is likely to show the average gay person or couple.  The media is in the business of selling news, and radical behavior of any kind sells.

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