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” In this quote, William Lutz describes a form of language that is widely used in advertising. (Goshgarian 313) The use of doublespeak helps advertisers make their product seem as if it is a miracle product. In doublespeak advertisers, don’t use definite words. This makes the product have no definite levels of how good the product works. The only thing these words express is that the product has exponential or never-ending possibilities. In this way advertisers are able to show, legally, that their product has absolutely no flaws. Most advertisers try to make their product seem better then any other product that is on the market. With the use

of doublespeak they may use lines like, “this product takes out virtually all stains”. (Goshgarian 303-304) However, what does virtually really mean? If the product can not get out all stains, what stains can’t it get out? If advertisers told people this in their TV commercials, and magazine advertisements, people would not want to buy the product. That is why they throw in words like practically, virtually, and almost, so that they are not telling the whole truth, yet they are not lying either. Lutz talks about other “weasel words” used in doublespeak in advertising. Words like “new and improved”, “acts fast” and “like magic” help advertisers in making their product seem better then others. (Goshgarian 304-306) When an item is new and improved, what is it improved from? What was wrong with the old version of this item? Also, if there was something wrong with the old item, what is to say that there will not be anything wrong with the new item? Still consumers travel down the aisle of different stores and see “new and improved” and they figure it’s has to be the best of them all. Let’s examine “acts fast”. When an advertiser describes the product with the phrase “acts fast” they try to show that the item will work faster then other products. However, what exactly does that mean? Does the product run fast, cook fast, drive a car fast, or speak fast? It is not known exactly what the product does. People assume that the product that “acts faster” is

the best product for them. Sometimes advertisers use the word “like” in an advertisement. This stops the consumer from concentrating on the product, and exactly what it can make your life “like”. If an advertiser claims a certain tire makes your car drive like it is floating, people start thinking about their car floating. Personally, I would rather drive a car that floats, and so would most consumers. This makes the consumer want to buy this product, and once again the advertiser wins. Lutz makes a good point in saying that these doublespeak slogans help sell products. “Remember, the ad is trying to get you to buy a product, so it will put the product in the best possible light, using any device, trick or means legally allowed.” (Goshgarian 313) Another thing advertiser use in their commercials is the use of additives or accessories. In the advertisement of a product, an advertiser may say that the product has a high amount of a certain chemical that no one that uses the product actually has heard of before. If people hear things like “Certs contains a sparkling drop of Retsyn” (Goshgarian 311) Consumers hear this and say, “wow Certs is better then Tic Tacs because it has Retsyn!!” However, in reality, what on earth is Retsyn” For all anyone knows Retsyn is the leading cause of gum disease, who knows.

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