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Summary Gulliver

Swift’s incredible ingeniuty in adapting everything to the six-inch scale of Liliputians has ironically rendered this adult santire a nursery favourite. Swift calculates exactly how many Liliputian blankets have to be sewn together for Gulliver, and he even allows for the hemming. Beguiled, the reader hardly realizes that he is being led into santire, but the major attention of this book is to demonstrate the pettines of human affairs as viewed by a giant from another world.
The vehemence of Whing and Tory becomes preposterous in th Liliputian contention of the low-heelers (Low Church) versus the high-heelers (High Church), and the battling of Catholics and Protestants is starized in the contention of the Big-Enders versus the Little-Enders (Which end off the egg should be cracked first?).

The war between England and France is reduced to the absurd comflict between Liliput and Blefuscu, swift also incorporated muchspecific santire on English politics arownd 1712-15 Nonetherless, certain passagers in chapter 6, treating of law andeducation in Liliput, are essentially utopiain, picturing this minute wold as the rational ideal.

Second Voyage (Brobdingang). Wandering away from a landing party of the Adventure on the coast of Great Tartary, Gulliver is trapped in a field of giant corn forty feet high. Brobodignagiants themselves are normaly sixty feet tall; Gulliver is captured and becomes the pet of a nine-year-old farmer’s daughter, not yet over forty feet tall. As a curiosity he is sold to the queen of the kingdom, who lets the court physicians and philosophers study Gulliver as a frak.

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