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Solved1-2 hours

5.He may have been seriously ill if he neither came nor called.
6.He was asked what he was going to do.
1.It turned out that the loss of his job was a good thing.
2.There has been growing interest in digital television over the last year.
3.If it hadnít been for her constant help, I wouldnít have succeeded.
4.Iíd rather you wouldnít make so much noise.
5.I wish I had known you were in town. Iíd have given you a call.
6.Tom didnít fail the exam and Mary didnít either/ and neither did Mary.
1.There is no excuse for such behavior.
2.While attending this course you wonít learn anything, believe me.

3.The longer we delay, the less likely we are to clinch the deal.
4.Not having any other alternative I accepted the job.
5.A doctor has already been sent for.
6.I wish somebody had thought of inviting them too.
1.Jim didnít drink any beer on Saturday night as he usually did.
2.Never have I been to a nicer place.
3.Britain is a much more densely populated country than Canada.
4.So cold and rainy was the weather that nobody would go out.
5.Iíd rather you hadnít invited so many people.
6.Under no circumstances is he to be told the truth.
1.Not for a moment did I believe Janeís explanation.
2.No sooner had I got on the train than it started.
3.The farther they advanced into the forest the more scared they became.
4.Only if you send a CV will you be admitted to the interview.
5.If only I hadnít been so rude to you at Tomís party.
6.If it hadnít been for his sisterís love and devotion, he wouldnít have recovered so quickly.
1.wasnít able
2.if I could
3.it hadnít been
4.you were
6.will have left
1.I wouldnít have
2.may have told
5.of your
6.didnít watch
1.didnít come 4.mind could
2.remembered we had 5.neednít worry
3.to have finished 6.was taken

1.dining; had
2.wonít be happy; is promoted
3.was living; met; became
4.graduated; spent; was offered
5.smoking; to risk setting
6.couldnít; was going
1.calling; letting; decide
2.finishes; will have been
3.have been trying; have you been
4.had; was; had been working
5.have known; have never understood; attracted
6. is; is shining; are singing; looks
1.has made; spends
2.is always criticizing; do
3.have; will go
4.signs; needs; is
5.had been looking; met; fell
6.house-hunting; to ask; looking
1.had received; was finally told; was cured
2.selling; going to live
3.began; had read
4.looked; had put in
5.is thinking; trying

6.has kept; wasnít surprised; is she going to do
1.have been; heard; did you do
2.spent; making; neednít have bothered; didnít come
3.realized/hadnít understood/repeated
4.asks/I have gone/I will be/can/neednít/it wonít be
5.I was going to/was/made
6.has John telephoned/I donít know/he would stop/on phoning
1.do you mean; wasnít; had been; would have called
2.didnít rain; would be able
3.wonít regret spending; modernizing; gets; sells
4.is thinking of setting up; would you give
5.did you feel; received; was; wouldnít you have been
6.has he proposed; donít know; would stop; will never
1.I have been trying to get John on the phone for the past week. I think he must have gone abroad. Do you have any idea when he will be back?
2.I didnít need to tell Alison the bad news. She had already heard. Tim had told her the previous evening.
3.I didnít realize that Shane had passed the exam the last time it was conducted. If I had known, I wouldnít have insisted on her filling in another form.
4.What will you do if the police realize you have given them false information? I would just say I was mistaken.
5.I wish I spoke Spanish. If I could I would have understood the film we saw last night much better.
6.The police have been questioning the suspect for several hours but so far they havenít got any new information from him.
1.didnít you
2.oughtnít they
3.do you
4.was there
5.will you
6.shall we
1.donít you
2.wonít he
3.could he
4.arenít I
5.will you
6.do they
1.hadnít they
2.wouldnít you
3.isnít there
4.donít you
5.wouldnít he
6.will you
1.havenít they
2.oughtnít you
3.shall we
4.did she
5.wouldnít you
6.did she
1.Everyone was shocked when they announced the terrible news.
2.This silk blouse must be washed by hand

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