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My favorite PETS

Bulldog, breed of dog, often used to represent the character of Britain and the British. It was developed in England in the 13th century for courage and ferocity needed in the sport of bull baiting. After bull baiting became illegal in 1835, the dog was selectively bred to eliminate viciousness. The bulldog has a heavy, thickset, low-slung body; a massive head; wide shoulders; short, stout, and straight forelegs; long hind legs; and a fine-textured coat of short, straight hair. It is also characterized by small, thin ears, located high on the head; a large, broad nose; and a deep, broad, and full chest. The lower jaw projects, enabling the dog to take a grip that is difficult to break. The tail is short, straight, or screw, but not curled, and is hung low. The colour of the dog may be red brindle, other brindles, or solid white. Mature male dogs weigh about 25 kg (55 lb); females, about 21 kg (45 lb). North American bulldogs are slightly lighter.

German Shepherd Dog
German Shepherd Dog, breed of working dog, which originated in northern Europe several centuries ago, hence their alternative (but unofficial) name Alsatian. The dogs were originally used to protect flocks of sheep and are still used for this purpose. More recently they have been trained to assist police forces in capturing criminals and to guide the blind. German shepherds are also used as guard dogs by the military. The dog is above medium size, standing 61 to 66 cm (24 to 26 in) tall at the shoulder. Males may weigh up to 41 kg (90 lb); females are usually much lighter. It has a long, muscular body and gives an impressio

n of power and ruggedness. The dog has a long head; a wedge-shaped muzzle; dark-brown eyes of medium size placed somewhat obliquely; medium-sized ears, set high; short, compact feet with hard pads and dark nails; and a bushy tail. The dog has a double coat, consisting of an outer coat with straight hairs of medium length and a thick woolly undercoat. There are also long-coated varieties. The colour may be any of many varieties between light grey and jet black; the main colours are brindle, black and tan, tan, brown, and black.

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