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Environmental protection - air pollution

These fine particulates are so small they are drawn deep into our lungs, causing stress to our cardiopulmonary system.
To understand these byproducts, it is useful to consider how they're used in more concentrated form by industry. Nitrogen dioxide is a poisonous brown gas used as a catalyst and oxydizing agent. Nitric acid is a transparent, fuming corrosive liquid that is a highly reactive oxidizing agent used in the production of fertilizers, explosives and rocket fuels. Ozone is an unstable oxidizing agent, poisonous in high concentrations, with a pugent, irritating odour. In weak concentrations, ozone is used as a bleach and to sterilize water.

In effect, breathing air containing these chemicals is like breathing diluted quantities of poison gas, acid and bleach.

What is its effects?

Human can be adversely affected both before and after the burning of fossil fuels. Before burning, fumes from evaporating petroleum fuels can be poisonous and carcirogenic in high concentrations. In addition a third group of toxical chemical by-products is subsequently formed from reactions of combustion products in the atmosphere.

Fine particulates are particles do small they remain suspended in air where they can be inhaled and deposited deep in the respiratory system.

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