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The older the children , the bigger problems.

They introduce the two "double comparative " constructions , both of which emphsize increase or decrease of intensity or effect:

A)Gradual increase the or decrease by two comparatives joined by and:

In winter the days are shorter and shorter and the nights are longer and longer.
Last month she seemed less and less aware of the consequences, but now she proves to be more and more determined to win.
I'm afraid she feels worse and worse.

B)Parallel increase is expressed by :

The longer the nights (are), the shorter the days (are).

The fewer sweets you'll eat, the thinner you'll be.
The less she hears from him,the more worried she becomes.

Look at the following groups of sentences. Can you spot the difference ?

This novel is as good as the one I lent you last week.
Michael is as reliable as Tom.
Problem 5 is as difficult as Problem 3.

Her brother is as thin as a rake.
The night was as black as pitch/coal.
When he heard about the prize he was as merry as a cricket.

A SIMILE is a expression which describes one thong by directly comparing it with another, using as . as, like in the ordinary comparison of equality (group A)
Sometimes the world like can also be part of simile. (a face like a mask )

If I were to chose , I would like something.
(subjounctive (conditional

Type I:

It expresses something that may happen , depending , on a certain condition.
PP - present / future

If it doesn't rain , we will go for a walk .
(present (future

Type II:

It refers to something that contradict reality in the present.

If I had a car , I would borrow it to you.
(Past Subjounctive (Conditional Present
(to be (were) (S+would+infinitive)

Also introduced by : in case , suppose , supposing , unless.

Type III:

If you had been more careful , you wouldn't have lost your bag.

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