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Computer job displacement

Itís impossible Ė donít waste my time!
Itís possible but not worth doing.
I always said that it was a good idea.Ē
Science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke

We are masters of our own fate . we invented it . we have to live with it . we have to adjust our lives to it . so what is there to do? What do you do after you created a computer industry witch has a wide range of activities based on the manufacture and use of computers to satisfy your business or personal needs?

To my mind we have to deal with it; the ideal situation would be that this system- the system we invented at first only for a bit of help, but which has now come to replace our actual work- wouldnít be able to ďworkĒ without us, without human ďtouchĒ. It should probably be a satisfactory combination of duty and pleasure: the duty you have towards the place where you work, and the pleasure consisting in having your work done easier with the help of your ďfriendĒ technology- the computer.
At first sight itís all incredibly simple, come to think of it the computer canít start by itself as it has to be turned on by ďsomeoneĒ. So computers need us in order to work. But if you really take it piece by piece itís not at all like that. Our entire lives are linked in some way or another to a computer, not to say our jobs. What is one of the main criteria in choosing your employee? Yes, indeed . knowing how to use a computer.

Surely you must agree that computers are currently being used in most of the areas of employment; because of this many of the former job descriptions have changed or have even been eliminated. On the other hand the computer industry has brought with it a certain field of jobs (with it a number of employees) but according the Policy Studies Institute more jobs

are being lost rather than created. In conclusion there is a major change in employment patterns.
Letís take agriculture for example. Up to the eighteenth century most of the people were working either in this area or one of the other primary fields.

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