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Albert Einstein

Upon graduating High School, Einstein would enroll in ETH (the Federal Polytechnic) in Switzerland where in 1901 he would obtain his Swiss citizenship and renounce his German citizenship. In 1933, during the beginning of the persecution of Jews by Nazi Germany, Einstein flees Europe for the United States where he obtains his US citizenship while still maintaining his Swiss citizenship. On April 16, 1955 at the age of 76, the world looses the greatest scientific mind to heart failure.
Einstein's fascination with the physical world began as a child where in 1884. Upon graduating from ETH in 1900 as a Mathematics and Physics teacher, Ein

stein got a job as a tutor and then in 1902 with the patent office in Bern, Switzerland. He remains at this post for a number of years. During this time he continues examining the physical world during his off hours. In 1905 he would publish three papers one on the electromagnetic theory and the photoelectric effect (which became the basis for quantum mechanics), the second which Einstein called his special theory of relativity (which is now known as the Theory of Relativity) and the third which studied statistical mechanics and provided convincing evidence for the physical existence of atom-sized molecules (which was influential in the development of the atom bomb.) One of these papers he submitted to University of Zurich where he was awarded a Ph.D. and in 1908 he became a lecturer at University of Bern.

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