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ABOUT Hypnosis

In what areas is hypnotherapy helpful?
Within the field of hypnotherapy, there are a great variety of ways to harness the power of the subconscious mind to affect change. Hypnosis is used in areas such as chronic and acute pain control, to change the pain threshold or affect the psychological associations of pain. It can be effective to improve confidence, concentration, recall, motivation, achievement, focus, health and stress management. Hypnosis can help overcome addictions, habits, eating disorders, insomnia, depression, anxiety, fears, phobias, and negative thought, emotional and behavior patterns.
In addition, hypnotherapy is helpful in a variety of areas including:

Nail biting
Bed wetting
Pain management
Public speaking
Weight control
Medical procedures
Sexual dysfunction
High blood pressure
Past life regression
Tension headaches
Memory improvement
Improved concentration
Co-dependency issues
Catastrophic illness
Body, mind healing
Inner child dialogue
Guided imagery
Test taking/study habits
Regression therapy
Disabilities, MS, RSD, etc.
Dental procedures
And much more...

Can hypnosis really help me quit smoking?
Yes, hypnosis is the most effective treatment that we have to change this habit, far more effective than the patch or the gum. In fact both of these treatments suggest using behavioral therapy in addition to their Nicotine dispatching techniques. Smoking is a learned behavior, which can be unlearned. The nicotine addiction part is only 72 hours long, the behavioral parts often last for years. If you have ever tried to stop before you know it was not the nicotine that draws you back, but the feeling of wanting something in your hands or in your mouth, being with friends, having a drink, etc. Conscious knowledge is hardly ever enough. You already know cigarettes are dangerous to your health, yet you keep smoking. Getting your subconscious mind involved is the key. It controls your habit center, your intellect does not. Why do you think cigarette advertising is now so restricted? Advertising works on the subconscious mind. You need to get the message across to your subconscious mind, and hypnosis is the key to doing just that.

Can hypnosis really help me lose weight?
If you have tried to lose weight in the past without success, you have probably discovered losing weight is never easy. Yet we are continuously tempted by the hundreds of advertisements promising quick and easy weight loss. Advertisements that purport that "All you need to do is take this two little harmless capsules and vola the fat will melt off you while you eat all the foods you have always wanted and sit on the sofa watching T.V. In no time you too can be just as thin as the professional models that are getting paid to sell you this harmless supplement." Which is worse, the fact that advertisers can actually get away with such outrageous and often false and misleading advertisements, or that we actually believe them enough to open our wallets and dish out good money and hope?

Although most of us have tried and have been failed by many diets, it is a credit to the human spirit that we continue to seek solutions and persist at trying new ones. What our clients most often say is "I know everything there is to know about dieting, and how to lose weight. I have tried hundreds of diets, but I have a hard time staying on them and I gain the weight back after I stop."
Why don't diets work. Independent studies have confirmed that over 90% of the weight lost by dieting is re-gained within 18 months. Diets are generally based on depriving you of the foods you like, and while this approach can be good if you want to lose few pounds to fit in your special dress or suit for a friend's wedding, it is not successful for long-term weight loss. Most people perceive dieting as a short-term proposal. "Once I reach my ideal weight, then I can stop dieting," is often the inner thought of the dieter. An author and psychologist once said look at the first 3 letters of dieting, who wants to Die-ting?
Another reason most calorie-restricted diets fail is they go against our survival instinct. A major reduction of calories is perceived as a crisis condition which the body is forced to deal with by lowering metabolism, reducing your defense system functions, reducing hair and nail growth and strength (just like we all have been reducing energy consumption by turning off lights and appliances). But as soon as the famine is over, or so the body believes, it tries very quickly to regain the lost ground and, in fact, often add an extra 25-30% of what was lost to be better prepared for the next cycle of famine. If you diet enough times, at some point your body may stay at a permanently low metabolism.
To lose weight permanently, one needs permanent changes in habits, behaviors and beliefs, all domain of the subconscious. As an evolved species, we have managed to automate our routine and repetitive tasks so our active or conscious mind can be free to focus on making decisions and learning new things.

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